Night Over Kwazulu

Luca Bacchetti

Record label
Wagon repair
Catalog Number
WAG 028
Release Date
January 11th 2008


A1Night Over Kwazulu
B1Rollin Brooklynremix Lee Van Dowski

'Night Over Kwazulu' refers to the partially autonomous Zulu state granted by South Africa in the 1980's, a fitting inspiration for another of Luca's intricate and immersive electronic journeys. The A side 'Night Over Kwazulu' stirs together deep African drum patterns, pulsing tech-house percussion and kindling melodic sparks. A haunting chanted vocal and delayed horn melody introduce mystery to a wilderness of echoed tone and chimed synth. B side 'Rollin Brooklyn (Lee Van Dowski's Monday Turbulence Mix 1)' sees the Swiss/French techno DJ reinvent a track from Luca's first Wagon Repair release.