Eastward On Mecca


Record label
Wagon repair
Catalog Number
WAG 033
Release Date
January 28th 2008


B1Mecca Dub
B2Mecca Drum Jack

Taking a pretty traditional reggae approach to this EP, Deadbeat creates three different versions with the same elements, with the intention of trying to create something for a slightly different dancefloor context with each. A1 'Mecca' opens with sprinkler percussion and deep toms that focus into a strutted electronic beat, highlighted by murky horn blares and a dizzy synth climb. A melancholy hook shines amidst the bustle, growing in stature and influence to glorious climax. B2 'Mecca Drum Jack' is a wholly percussive beast, as a tribal stomp is invited to jack and transport us from Benin to Berlin in an instant. B1 'Mecca Dub' offers a deep and dreamy dub interpretation, with ghostly horns and pulsing synth dropping sharply on unsuspecting ears.