Coming 4 U / What A Little Moonlight Can Do - BREAK remix

Break / Mako

Record label
Warm Communications
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 8th 2014


A1Coming 4 UBreak5:18
B1What A Little Moonlight Can DoMako remix Break4:19

Vibing off of light, layered keys and female R&B coos, Break gives us a rolling five minutes of pure A-side. Not to be lost in the air, a thickly chopped break plays overtop sub bass as filter resonances enter at the offsides, carefully touching on the interplay of voice and gated percussion. This is a rattling piece that's as much deep house as it is liquid step. Break's take on Mako's recent Billie Holiday homage bounces its bass and hi-freq drums between two densely layered snare notes. Splices of tape-delayed voice dither off into an empty jazz-space, leaving a heavy analog-sounding synth, motes of vinyl dust and a closing section that fades just before returning to the tonic?ready for the final phase of your mix.