Warm Communications SALES pack incl. 28 / 29 / 31

Need For Mirrors / Villem / Total Science & more

Record label
Warm Communications
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 17th 2019


A1HorusNeed For Mirrors / HLZ & Mikal
B1SolomonNeed For Mirrors & Mikal
C1Putting Down RootsVillem & McLeod
D1Think That I'm YoursVillem & McLeod
E1So AddictedTotal Science feat. Grimm
F1Putting Down RootsVillem & McLeod remix Total Science

WARM028: The latest roller from Need for Mirrors erupts with midnight color. A deep, primal bassline lurches up, taking "Horus" alongside the tattered landscape of some crumbling empty city. Need for Mirrors is joined on the A side by HLZ and Mikal, ensuring that the listener's experience is at times quite dark, even while meaning to feel placid, frozen in motion at the breakdown: something chromatic, a near-piano riff, glissandos into space. This is drum & bass. Need for Mirrors continues with Mikal on "Solomon," keeping to the same sub-station wrecking standards, starting slowly with slightly shuffled hats and a two-step break before voices shouting overtop of the quaking bottom-end remind us, or perhaps they remind these artists, that everything can be made alright. --- WARM029: Our second release of 2014 comes by way of Villem & Mcleod. Both have seen success[solo & collaborative] on numerous labels such as Samurai, Metalheadz, CIA & Symmetry to name a few. We are proud to have them on board with these 2 quality pieces of music! --- WARM031: A legendary duo who need no introduction. Total Science make their debut on Warm Communications in fantastic style. "So Addicted" sees the group bring on vocalist "Grimm" with a powerful, uplifting piece of d&b beauty. One the flip Total Science have remixed the jungle/ half time affair originally brought to you by Bristol's Villem & Mcleod. A unique jungle stomper executed to perfection.