Les Onix – Enregistrements Meconnus Pour Marionnettes, Theatre Et Televis

Francois de Roubaix & Bernard Maitre

Record label
WeMe Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 2nd 2016


A1Generique Onixien
A3Jolie Valse Musette
A4Ratatam Tuma Tuma
A6Onix Business
B1Monstre Generateur
B3Marche Onixienne
B4Chant Des Bagnards Jazz
B5Tango Bernard
B6Fouillis Industriel
C1La Fin Des Onix
C2Anne-Marie Se Marie
C3Depart Pour l’Usine
C4Farce à Flute Avec Scapin
C5Scapin Se Reveille
C6Scapin S’en Va En Guerre
D2Que Tout Est Beau
D3Les Masques Volants
D4Genty Pierrot
D5Pierrot Genty

Brand new chapter in the saga of the legendary french composer Francois de Roubaix: built from home recording sessions with puppet master and co-composer Bernard Maitre (involving their unique collection of crypto-instruments collected from all over the globe), this first-time ever release of soundtrack for children puppet show "Les Onix" definitely might be ranked as one of the most unusually intimate and unfettered sonic items ever produced by Francois de Roubaix. From rubber duck marching brass bands to mutant swinging pans, expect classy miniatures and raw bruitist soundscapes, hawaian interlude or proto-funky chase featuring cracked up ocarinas, obsessive rattles, vintage drum machines and a consistent amount of analog synths, all revealing a unique and playfull sense of accuracy in their use. Exclusive and previously unreleased material, digitalised from original master tapes, wrapped in deluxe package with full booklet designed, photos and detailed liner notes (english & french). Artwork & Layout by Jean-Philippe Bretin A WeMe rds and Biceps rds co-release.