Itch EP


Record label
Wheel & Deal Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 21st 2018



Mr.K has smashed it in 2018 with solid releases on Wheel & Deal, White Peach and Deep Dark and Dangerous. He has consistently toured the UK, Europe and USA through out the year and featured highly on all Wheel & Deal events including our Boat party at Outlook festival Croatia and Sold out 9th Birthday in London. We are proud to welcome him back for his third release on Wheel & Deal Records. Itch EP has been a staple in many of the Dubstepper's playlists including N-Type, Coki, Causa, Sepia, Kromestar, Khan & Neek, Compa, Sukh Knight, Squarewave, Distance, Darkside, Hatcha, Samba, Cimm, Vivek, Youngsta, Ternion Sound, Saule, Sicaria Sound, Distinct Motive to name a few. If you're not familiar with his music it carries elements of Roots Dub and Dread vibes, reminiscent of days gone by but with a fresh and exciting take on Dubstep. This is Sound system music at its finest!