The New Selecta Vol. 2


Record label
Love Love Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 14th 2020


A1Selecta Scene2:57
A2Snare Drums5:43
B1Amen Conductor6:21

Rognvald, aka Richard Wilson, returns at full throttle with part 2 of 'The New Selecta'. Rognvald's unique future-old skool sound continues to evolve in this release, the third 12" in his WIFE series. You will travel into unknown subterranean territory with "The New Selecta", exploring the limits of break choppage and granular sound design on a loved and familiar soundscape, as well as 2 dread filled cuts of swampy ambient reductions. Using a minimal sound palette to maximal effect, Rognvald deconstructs and abstracts the tropes of old skool jungle. Blending blunted breaks with burrowing subatomic sinewaves, euphoric rave vocals lead to a nuclear ruffneck ecstasy. The future of jungle is yet to come...