Rough Times EP - 180 grams vinyl

Enrico Mantini

Record label
Wilson Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 1st 2013


A1Just a Dream- 1993 Original Mix5:29
A2Flow With Me - 1993 Original Mix5:47
B1Man In The World - 1992 Original Mix5:32
B2Get Infatuation - 1992 Unreleased5:51

The Italian gang strikes again: Wilson-Mastermind Fabio Monesi got his hands on some real badass 90's house by The Italian house pioneer Enrico Mantini. Not much to say here: Deep, pumpin 90's house, reissued on a Limited 180gr. Vinyl-Only release. This is an essencial piece of home gear for any house music lover just like having a chair, a toilet or even a bed, if you dont get it, your house will always be missing something crucial. Wilson just won't stop...!"