Un Nouvel Âge Réminiscent [full colour sleeve]

Christian Coiffure

Record label
Worst Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 12th 2020


A1A New New Hope7:03
A2Revolutions Synchrone6:45
B1Slowly Merging Into One5:36
B2La Derniere Volonte des Atlantes4:47
B3Biosphere Is Reborn5:12

Worst records is proud to present the third release of its growing catalogue. Unlike his alias could evoke, Christian Coiffure is not so much specialized in online hairdressing tutorials but has a fierce passion into brushing serious quality tracks. "Un Nouvel Age Reminiscent" hits hard with its progression into sharp and colorful forms, never bound to redundancy. From slow EBMish, industrial tainted marching anthems of "A New New Hope" and "Slowly Merging Into One" to synth-infused acid railroads built for futuristic Trance Europe Express trains in "Revolutions Synchrones" and "La Derniere Volonte des Atlantes", everything functions as a toolkit for imagination. Add to this a breaky andrefreshing post-dubstep turn on "Biosphere is Reborn" alongside a delicious headshot surprise on digital bonus with "Pouvoir Lacrymal Renforce", and you will never see the word "coiffure" the same way again.