Art & Strategy

Go Hiyama / Oscar Mulero

Record label
Warm Up
Catalog Number
WU 012
Release Date
November 20th 2004


A1World gameGo Hiyama
B1World gameGo Hiyama remix Oscar Mulero
B2Naked danceOscar Mulero

Back in stock now - one of the deadliest cuts on Warm Up ever. World Game is a filthy roaring monster that will hunt you down and when it catches up it will show no mercy. Listening to this with the volume op maximum levels give you the idea you're in an old, damp warehouse where huge, rusty machines are steadily grinding. Hot steam is escaping from it's vents and huge cylinders produce a frightening, metallic sound. From the heart of these machines comes a rumbling bass which appears to tear things up from the inside out! Hiyama & Mulero are at the controls and with furious anger they are pushing thing to the extreme. These boys are surely amongst the best when it comes to the huge impact of offbeat!