Counterpart EP


Record label
Warm Up
Catalog Number
WU 019
Release Date
November 26th 2007


B1Decodedremix Oscar Mulero
B2The Cydonia Face

With the heat back on regarding the typical off-beat infected dark Spanish techno - Christian Wunsch present another killer! Jeroen Schrijvershof and Dimitri van Duynhoven step up on to the plate and do what they do best. These boys have stirred things up lately with numerous appearances as a live PA on various events in Holland. Their specific, deep sound has gained a growing amount of fans and labels like Ion (Steve Rachmad) and Audiosculpture have already shown their interest! Holland has been an essential element in dance for many years and brought us many well-known players - but these men are solid proof of the many talented Dutch producers around!