Seventh Seal

Grovskopa / Oscar Mulero / Agony Forces

Record label
Warm Up
Catalog Number
WU 022
Release Date
March 16th 2009


A1JauharGrovskopa remix Oscar Mulero
B2OramicsAgony Forces

Winter here and cold sounds also, this time Warm up engine's drivers are Grovskopa and Agony Forces, joined in remix duties by label's boss Oscar Mulero. Grovskopa ignites the flame on B side with Jauhar, and industrialized piece of dark techno with an analogue bassline as a starring ,resting on top of an abstract and metallic beat, salted with hypnotic vocal samples and atmospheres. A peak time weapon for the hard ones. Closing B side Oramics by Agony Forces investigate in the same field, nearly industrial beats, crunchy and dark, sinewave sequences, fat bassdrums and again an hypnotic and lisergic feel. As the the track goes on, pads and synth atmos do the job adding a mellow edge to the dark side. Alone on A side, Oscar Mulero's rework of Jauhar is pure floor action, substracting atmospheres and focusing on rythms and beats. Giving a straight ahead approach to the original. Electronic Body Music for the 21st century.