Blood Poisoning

Jose Pouj

Record label
Warm Up
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 2nd 2011


A1Waken 6:17
B2Organism Return5:09

We are happy to welcome a new artist into our family. Young Jose Pouj is one of the new emerging talents from the Spanish techno scene. His speciality is hard edged techno, but with a touch of class. A sound carefully crafted and skilfully developed. His Blood Poisoning EP starts with 'Waken', a scientific techno number with a solid rhythm arrangement, fat basses and sharp synth workout; a funky electronic steamroller designed for body and mind. The B side opens with 'Sepsis', a harder approach to modern techno with a strong drum programming, sweeping drones, an arpeggiated bassline and a bunch of bleeps that appear and disappear throughout the arrangement. An anabolic track that slowly goes to a mental break and turns once more to madness. The release closes with 'Organic Return', where the main course is made up of carefully programmed synthetic drums, till an EMB-flavoured bassline comes into the track, reminding us of the good old Pulsinger style. Summing up, this is the work of a great young producer that injects new blood into our label. Watch out for forthcoming adventures of this new talent.