Reality Fails


Record label
Warm Up
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 23rd 2012


A1Angel Exterminador6:28
B1Diagrama Esporadico5:04

We celebrate our number 30 with a double pack, featuring one of the creators of techno in Spain: Groof. Roberto Gemelin, from Madrid, is Groof. He's Robert Calvin too. No matter which of his alias you know him by, he's one of the most active producers in the Madrid arena. Aka Robert Calvin, he released materials with Turbo (Tiga's label) in 2004, having previously collaborated with Star Whores in a joint release with Alek Stark (2002). Also important are the remixes he did for Disko B or for Sindicato Records and MSX, paying tribute to Megabeat with his recreation of the great classic Strange. His background as Groof is even more extensive, as his early steps go back to the times of Minifunk (the cheeky and shameless label from Barcelona that was then managed by Omar and Dj Loe). With them he recorded Mambo! (1999) and I want you (2000). He has also recorded with WarmUp, Fieber, Rainwaves or Shareware Records. At the end of the ninetees Groof shared Quite Unusual with Oscar Mulero: the start of a deep friendship that nowadays brings us WU30 mini-album. 'Angel exterminador' is on the A side; modern and dark techno, based on cemented beats and deep synth work. A track that is constantly growing and evolving; quality and punch in one track. 'Diagrama esporadico' goes next: relaxed BPM, 909 beats, spacey arpeggios, and analogue synth percussions for a mental feeling. 'Gummy' starts with weird flanged noises, fed with distorted drums and drones that create an elastic feeling, hence the gummy name. Scientific techno. 'Amb' goes back to darkness, subtle ambiences and drones, fixed sequences and a clever arrangement. 'Vac 04' continues on the same mood: obscure synths, classic drum machines, sharp hats and white noise. Closing the release, 'Islands' is a liquid track based on lush keyboards, and a dubby feeling with those endless delays. A classy number. A nice mini-album which is diverse, complex, classic and futuristic at the same time.