Black Propaganda - Reconstructed Part II

Oscar Mulero

Record label
Warm Up
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 6th 2013


A1Disinformationremix Xhin6:20
B1Black Propagandaremix Perc6:02
B2Disinformationremix Orphx6:15

Sure, you are still playing part one remakes by Shifted, Lucy and Developer and suddenly here comes the second instalment of the series. This time the line up is awesome, starring Xhin, Perc and Orphx. Three personal reinterpretations of the original stuff; the dark lord from Singapore puts his tools to work on "Disinformation" as well, slowing the tempo but recharging the drums with his very own distinctive approach. He also remakes the original synth sounds to make them move on the stereo scientifically. We continue with Perc. Mr. Ali Wells destroys "Black Propaganda" with smashing broken beats, distorted snares and bleeps, big room reverbs and industrially-flavoured percussion. Not an easy one for those suffering from subwoofer trauma. Orphx takes on "Disinformation" clearing up the original drums, digging deep into the beat, creating a very personal groove. The distorted original drum sounds appear modified in the middle of the arrangement, while harmonic drones float on top. An intelligent dance piece. Three different points of view that enhance the original work. Done by experts for an expert. As usual, available for download and on touchable plastic stuff.