Rite EP


Record label
Warm Up
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 4th 2015


A2Black HorseKwartz7:07
B1Rite (Oscar Mulero Remix)Kwartz remix Oscar Mulero5:04
B2Unknown TerritoriesKwartz5:25

This is the first solo work by Kwartz released by the Warm Up imprint. A vinyl four-tracker and an extended seven track EP as its digital counterpart. The young Spanish talent displays all his production skills in this release that opens with the compact kick drums and arpeggiated madness of "Rite", spiced with sweeps and drones that interweave with the hypnotic arrangement. In his first rework, Oscar Mulero reduces the bass drum punch, twists the arpeggiated synth line with reverb and early reflections, and adds an overall guerrilla feel to the sound. Next up is "Remix B", also by Oscar. This is a less aggressive version, more for building a set. The elements appear slowly, with flanged synth lines as principal motif. "Black Horse" starts with an ambient mood, till the industrial groove comes in and creates a mixture of meditation and aggression that grows and grows to utter madness. "Unknown territories" contains part of the mood felt in "Rite", although this time the sequence is more FM bell-like and the drums are less aggressive, mental and deep.