Retina EP


Record label
Warm Up
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 7th 2017


A1Ancient Particles6:31
B1Retinaremix Oscar Mulero5:40

A new talent is added to our roster, this time the argentinian Alderaan, after several releases in labels such as Animal farm, Mindtrip, Planet Rhythm and our very own Aine. He offers five slices of modern techno, heavy percussive based but whit a lot of intelligent elements inside. First cut is Ancient Particles, multiple drum layers, heavy reverberation and obsessive sequences as sound palette. Parallax follows in the same style but adding more drone action and bell like lines in a clever arrangement. Oscar Mulero remixes Retina getting rid of the textures and focusing in rhythm and repetition in a minimalistic remake. Retina is a cosmic exercise, with galactic resonant bleeps, atmospheres and ambiental components in a dreamy structure. No quarter returns to percussive territories, again with drones and atmospheres floating over the beat in an hypnotic travel thru deepness. Timeless techno for the mind and for the body, soul as a weapon.