Addax EP [label sleeve]


Record label
Warm Up
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 22nd 2019


B1Nubian Ibex5:09
B2Arabian Oryx5:46

Cassegrain are in the house. With this four tracker, they make techno with a signature that sets them apart from the rest and we are really glad to have them on board. 'Addax' opens fire with a textured fast groove, with delayed filtered hits over a relentless continuous rhythm. Intensity grows until the drums disappear shortly to come back in full force in the closing minutes. A dance-floor destroyer for peak time moments. 'Markhor' starts with processed beats that are soon followed by analogue percussive hits creating an hypnotic mood. More layers of synths are added to the main groove electrifying the feeling and making an alien exercise of modern techno. 'Nubian Ibex' keeps the pace fast and focused on the floor. A similar recipe here, continuous grooves, synthesized bleeps and an intelligent arrangement. Noises and abstract textures share lines with sharp hi-hats and percussion all with a characteristic sound, not from a standard sound palette. 'Arabian Oryx' closes the EP, slowing down things slightly, approaching liquid dub soundscapes but with the tension that Cassegrain always manage to bring to their productions.