Inevitable Decay EP [label sleeve]

Patrik Carrera

Record label
Warm Up
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 17th 2019


A1Standing Fog6:31
A2Altered Form5:34
B1Liquid Toil5:19
B2Silent Influx5:03

We bring Patrik Carrera to our team, starting our relationship with this "Inevitable Decay EP". The Australian born, Berlin based producer, offers four slices of modern techno, balancing aggression with hypnosis along four cuts. "Standing Fog" uses a mega distorted kick and resonant hypnotic bleeps on top, reminding the old X 102 feeling. No remorse in this track, straight to the point madness. "Altered Form" relies on a complex groove, with asymmetrical components and is heavily texturized, the main synth line goes on forever while different elements go back and forth. The rhythm grows in intensity on the final moments, adding distortion and dirtiness. "Liquid Toil" goes hyperspace, abstract sinusoidal sequences float over an opaque groove that is soon filled with shuffled 909 hats and sci-fi textures. Jeff Mills will love this one. "Influx" puts the eye in old Birmingham tools, with a reverberated repetitive sequence over a shuffled beat, things move just a bit, keeping the pace linear and obsessive making a superb mixing tool. A diverse EP with a personal approach to intelligent dance territories, music that could be from 10 years after today, from the future.