Real Ammunition EP [label sleeve]


Record label
Warm Up
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 20th 2019


A1Civil Defense6:00

We launch our rocket number 057 by the expert hands of Tensal, three pieces of direct to the floor operational techno, faster, heavier and darker than the previous outcome by Hector. On the A-side, the first cut is "Civil Defense", sharp continuous sequences showing up right from the beginning, solid kicks and a memorable break. This one is gone make some damage in sound systems out there. B1 "Collapse", again starting with no remorse, white noises, distorted textures, heavy sub bass action and hi speed tempos, another to the bone exercise. B2 is "Bihotxak", solid grooves, percussive panned details, on a linear and tooly arrangement excellent for long mixes and build-ups. Composed, designed and recorded by Tensal. Mixed by Oscar Mulero.