Contents EP - Pattern Series - clear vinyl

Oscar Mulero

Record label
Warm Up
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 11th 2016


A1FormOscar Mulero5:58
B1TextureOscar Mulero5:30
B2ColorOscar Mulero5:21

The fourth instalment of Oscar Mulero's own Pattern Series is now here, introducing three tracks of futuristic techno for the collectors out there. The first cut is "Form", a flanged hypnotic exercise of functional techno, made up of a continuous line that grows to utter madness, spiced with resonant bleeps and noises and a subtle beat. Next up is "Textures". This rhythm-oriented grooved number relies on a relentless beat, with only subtle changes that make it the perfect functional tool. "Color" goes deeper with more floaty textures intelligently twisted at slow rates, again in a linear arrangement excellent for long mixes. As usual, this comes in a wonderful package with special translucent plate.