Invasion / Prison

Craggz & Parallel / Heavy1 & Key

Record label
Yabai 84 Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 29th 2013


A1InvasionCraggz & Parallel5:58
B1PrisonHeavy1 & Key5:11

Yabai 84 Records is a brand new label out of Tokyo, Japan promoting fresh sounds in Drum and Bass music. Their Second release bring together the forces of Craggz & Parallel, Heavy1 and Key with two bass weighty dance floor Steppers ! More information about Craggz & Parallel and Heavy1 can be found in the following links: Craggz & Parallel - Heavy1 - Also please visit Yabai 84's facebook page to find out more about the label and the ideas supporting it. We are looking forward to what direction Yabai 84 will take in the future so keep your ears to the ground! ( Words from Mixmag Review on April ) Tokyo's Heavy1 scoops up top-drawer tech-roller skunks Craggz & Parallel for his new Yabai 84 project, and result is a typically tough yet pleasingly funky nugget of bashy tech filth. Face-slapping snares slam down amid gristly, scurrilous mid-range warpings, yet the knotty synths are laced with a bouncy, bullfrogging bass melody that burps and parps along in fine dancefloor style. Check the flip for Heavy1's own efforts: a stop-start technoid percussion trip that rattles and jars off to infinity.