Love Letters

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December 1st 2017


A1Ducue (Single Mix)Love Letters
A2Ducue (Xtended Dick Dub)Love Letters
B1Ducue (Turtle Bugg & L.L. Lie Free Edit)Love Letters remix Turtle Bugg & L.L. Lie Free

Straight out of Queens NYC, Love Letters makes their debut on YIELD. The 5th tape release is accompanied by the first vinyl release of the imprint. Love Letters provided 3 stunning and diverse cuts of the track 'Ducue', traversing the variety of early house sounds. The 'Single Mix' is the classic House jam with a warm piano, jacking groove and seductive vocals by Love Letters themselves. 'Xtended Dick Dub' sets the mark at a stripped back and hot pace. Its penetrating groove and thumping low end will make it impossible for any dedicated dancer to stand still and ignore the energy. On the flip side is the 'Turtle Bugg & L.L. Free Edit', a collaboration with DJ and friend Turtle Bugg, which will literally vibrate the sweat off the ceiling with its 808 and 303 violence, showing no mercy for those who fail to yield.