Crowd Surfer / Hammer

Cooh & Counterstrike / C-Netik & Gancher & Ruin

Record label
Yellow Stripe Recs
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 28th 2011


A1Crowd Surfer Cooh & Counterstrike5:55
B1HammerC-Netik & Gancher & Ruin5:15

The heavyweight Portugal based Drum & Bass promoter and crew, Yellow Stripe, begins a new era with the first release on its newly established label, Yellow Stripe Recordings, to be distributed worldwide by Triple Vision, on Vinyl and Digital formats. This is the first in a series of hard and powerful D&B releases, featuring well known artists Counterstrike in collaboration with Cooh, delivering the anthemic 'Crowd Surfer', which showcases the trademark sound of the artists involved... an effort that's sure to make dancefloors erupt. Upcoming young talents Gancher, Ruin and Yellow-Stripe member C-Netik follow it up with the monstrous 'Hammer', an ear-splitting mixture of bone shaking sounds that both Hardcore and Drum & Bass heads can bang their heads to. Supporting DJs include: Gein (Habit, Bad Chemistry, Human Imprint; USA) Counterstrike (Algorythm, Counterstrike, PRSPCT; South Africa) Cooh (Position Chrome, PRSPCT, Subsistenz; Bulgaria) Eye-D (The Outside Agency, Genosha 175, PRSPCT; Netherlands) Nanotek (Freak, Tech Itch, Counterstrike; New Zealand) Forbidden Society (Freak, Counterstrike, Algorythm; Czech Republic) Syze (Ohm Resistance, Guerilla, Defcom; Bulgaria)