Traveling / Omega Dub


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February 26th 2016


B1Omega Dub

With releases on Black Box, Box Clever, System - and of course firmly planted in the mighty Innamind camp of artists - ZamZam is proud to forward our first 7" from the enigmatic LAS (Love and Sound) AKA Lassi Vainionpaa of Helsinki. Well-known to those that have journeyed alongside LAS during his live shows the last couple years, "Traveling" is a deep journey into the post-dubstep ether - a classic Upsetters sample rotates and swims in strange orbits around a rubbery sub and LAS' signature conga-led percussion. Half way through the tune a 4/4 pulse takes over and the dubbing goes recursive and non-Euclidian, even while it drives that much harder. "Omega Dub" takes a turn for the darker - the darkness of space. A hollowed out lead that sounds like throat signing cyborgs navigates the craft, propelled by insistent skanks. Spectral key flourishes bloom from the beyond, and hats and snares are pushed into an ever deeper reverb void.