A Midsummer Night's Dub


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September 2nd 2016


A1Midsummer Night's Dub

Joining the ZamZam ranks with # 43, Versa (AKA Michael Nickless AKA Michael Versa) is well known to sound system music addicts from a string of wicked releases beginning in 2009, most recently a pair of highly sought after plates on the mighty System label. Versa's productions are known for extremely powerful basslines, a deeply dubwise production sensibility and masterful sound design. "A Midsummer Night's Dub" is a truly blissful 130 stepper, let by an unforgettable, filigreed melody threading Occident and Orient. Washed out yet insistent hi hats and claps locked with a deeply melodic bassline drive the riddim, augmented by beautifully delayed guitar licks and mixing prowess reminiscent of classic Dub Syndicate updated for the modern sound system dance. Versa is joined by frequent sparring partner Rowl on the B side, "Trimorphic", an extraordinarily deep and emotive journey into 140 space. Powered by a tight staccato kick and equally clipped sub line, the tune revels in deep pads with a pedigree in the best of classic dub techno. Accented by fluttering percussion, gorgeous synth washes and restrained, masterful dubbing, "Trimorphic" is a journey for those who like to plumb the depths unchained from convention - real Sounds from The Well.