Cambridge Road / Over & Out [7" Vinyl]


Record label
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Release Date
October 18th 2019


A1Cambridge Road
B1Over & Out

Murderous on dub for some time, Cambridge Road (named for Green King Cuts HQ where the tune originated) is a weighty, slyly menacing 140 rocker featuring Akcept s signature syncopated percussion chops & a slithering, minimalist bassline. A disquietingly distorted hook, pitched & chorused vocal snippets and test tones lead the way through a dark dance equal parts eyes down & wariness - danger lurking around every corner. Over & Out is the secret weapon, a loping, lumbering behemoth of dubwise built for serious Sounds, a stew of filtered hi hat, heaving bass, sampled drum fills, swung shaker, oddly-looped reggae horns, and claustrophobic spaces navigated by cagey reverbs.