White Cyclus IV EP

Sam. C / Bangbass / Ling Ling

Record label
Zodiak Commune Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 14th 2018


G1EctoSam. C5:46
G2Tekno FearSam. C6:20
H1Spaghetti CowboyBangbass8:06
H2BangLingBangbass vs. Ling Ling6:31

Zodiak Commune Records proudly presents the fourth release of the White Cyclus serie. We are also proud to spin off this release on our first sublabel called Zodiak Commune Records KORE. This sublabel contains the Acid(core) and Tekno related tracks. We introduce you to the common player in the scene and founder of Dosis Decibel Records finest Sam. C. He is known for his typical sound of hybrid acid and breakbeats. Other heavyweights are the members of BangBass and the talented Ling Ling. They know best how to take you on a true KORE-trip! Sam. C - Ecto Deep and atmospherical! From the founder of Disis Decibel Records. Sam. C - Tekno Fear Acidbreak! From the founder of Disis Decibel Records. BangBass - Spaghetti Cowboy You can hear right from the start you are dealing with Acid from BangBass! BangBass vs Ling Ling - Bang Ling Energy is building op to the maximum level Acid from the combined forces Italy and Austria.