Hope & Light

Zeb Samuels

Record label
Deep Heads
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 8th 2019


A1First Written
A2Hold On
A3Tell Me when
A5Stars Glow
B1Cold Shoulder
B3Lost In My Dream
C1I Hope
C2In The Change
C3A Road Never Found
D1The Way Back
D2Mellow Horizon
D3Nightwave (Julien Marchal Improvisation)

Deep Heads are proud to present a debut Album from Label boss Zeb Samuels, entitled Hope & Light . The album Hope & Light holds an energy of warm & light textures with an array of talented musicians involved in the project. All produced and creatively directed by Zeb, the music embodied here is a detailed insight of Zeb s explorations as a composer, producer, sound engineer and performer. Throughout the album, we hear Zeb on Keys, Synths and of course vocals. In his own words, he describes his music as Jazz, but only references Jazz as the freedom of movement within his music and his expression of improvisational music. It s hard to categorise as one type of sound, but touches on many different genres, with Jazz, Ambient & Bass being strong forces.