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Hypnus Records

Hypnus Records (Sweden)


label profile: Hypnus Records

Ever since the birth of consciousness, there has been reverence of the unknown. We have always sought to understand what is behind the curtain of our perceptive limitations by means of emotional exploration, observance of nature and, perhaps most intrigui

Records on Hypnus Records
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 23 records
HYPNUSD4.12 Wadjet - [Wa Wu We Remix] - 180grams Luigi Tozzi 12"
HYPNUS007RP Movement Strobe BLNDR 12"
HYPNUSZODIACRP Zodiac [Black Sleeve repress] Various Artists 2x12"
HYPNUSZODIACR Zodiac [Printed Sleeve repress] Various Artists 2x12"
HYPNUS001RP Mayfield Modvs 12"
HYPNUS012 Heruka - 180 grams Feral 12"
HYPNUS011 Subterrane - 180grams Skymn 12"
HYPNUS010 Deep Blue Vol.2 -180gr Luigi Tozzi 2x12"
HYPNUSD2.12 Mental Stretching - 180gr BLNDR 12"
HYPNUS009 Quetzalcoatl Luigi Tozzi 12"
HYPNUS005RP Deep Blue - repress / black vinyl Luigi Tozzi / Deepbass / Claudio Prc 12"
HYPNUS008 Hara Devata Feral 12"
HYPNUS004RP Geonosis / black vinyl repress Tozzy 12"
HYPNUSVA2 Various Adepts: Volume II Various Artists 12"
HYPNUS007 Movement Strobe BLNDR 12"
HYPNUS006 Doctrine Skymn 12"
HYPNUSZODIAC Zodiac Various Artists 2x12"
HYPNUS005 Deep Blue Luigi Tozzi / Deepbass / Claudio Prc 12"
HYPNUS01VA Various Adepts: Volume I Various Artists 12"
HYPNUS004 Geonosis Tozzy 12"
HYPNUS003 The Untitleds BLNDR 12"
HYPNUS002 Dyson Sector NGC 224 - coloured vinyl Korridor 12"
HYPNUS001 Mayfield Modvs 12"

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